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Are you looking for an Immigration Case Management Software that can support your case processing from start to finish? INSZoom has the tools you need to support every aspect of your business while enabling you to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Learn more about why INSZoom is the best solution for your case management needs. We would love to discuss your business requirements and provide a solution that works best for you. Fill out the form to the right for a Free Demo.

Why INSZoom Immigration Case Management?

  1. Simplify. Capture data directly from your foreign nationals by emailing them questionnaires.
  2. Automate. Populate your foreign national’s data directly onto the forms, no manual entry!
  3. Improve efficiency through the use of case steps, email templates, letter templates, and document checklists.
  4. Secure. All data is online, secure and available from any computer with internet access.
  5. Complete Solution. Create cases, track cases, submit applications directly to the government and invoice your clients.  Everything you need to process a case from start to finish.
  6. Reduce Paperwork. Your clients can upload their personal documents directly into INSZoom in a secure and easy manner.
  7. Direct. File applications directly with USCIS and check application status.

Key Features to Make Your Life Easier

  1. Questionnaires
  2. Forms
  3. Client portals
  4. Extensive reporting capabilities
  5. Document Check Lists
  6. Email Templates with emailing capabilities
  7. Letter Templates
  8. Billing Module
  9. Document Storage
  10. Workflows

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