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We have been using INSZoom since 2008. The product has grown in many ways throughout its lifecycle and I’ve had great experiences with the software. The 24/7 customer support has been very responsive. While other immigration case management systems take weeks or even months to make form updates, INSZoom has a track record of updating immigration forms in less than 48 hours. That alone sells me on the whole thing!

Immigration Specialist, Leading Law Firm

We started using zoom in 2012. What I really like about INSZoom is how powerful the questionnaires are – I think that’s the foundation of getting started on the case and getting the work done. I love how questionnaires capture all pertinent details, map them into the system, and with just a click, data gets populated instantly on the forms, creating less work for case managers. Also, the cool feature I like when using Zoom is the report. It is our firm practice to input all the important dates/details in Zoom. So, when we generated the report, it captures all the data. It helps us track important details/dates. Overall, aside from the report functions the INSZoom itself is a user-friendly system. Keep up the very good work, INSZoom!

Sav Carpio, Hammond Young Immigration Law

INSZoom is one of those valuable tools we believe are essential for practicing immigration law. We use it to manage deadlines, visa renewals and expirations, and alerts pertaining to existing clients. Our law firm offers services that rely like any other business on repeat clients. INSZoom helps us to exceed client expectations and allows us to go the extra mile when we issue a client a courtesy reminder about a prospective visa renewal or expiration. We began using INSZoom immediately upon starting our business immigration law firm with only three employees back in February 2012, and it was truly instrumental in helping us streamline our file management system, while maintaining compliance with the requirements as laid out by the Bar of Quebec. Our firm has grown to ten employees and now, more than ever, we rely on INSZoom to keep our growing internal records organized. Moreover, it reinforces our responsiveness and reliability – two indispensable elements in the business world which serve to satisfy our clientele. Thanks to everybody at INSZoom for an excellent product and the unparalleled service that comes with it.

Anna Di Stasio, New Era Immigration

Best product in the market.INSZoom is the best product in the market. It has great depth and flexibility, backed by a team of 50 engineers. Full and fast service that becomes a true partner in your business.

Roxana Bacon, Littler Mendelson, P.C

Very efficient, yet cost effective.My law firm started using INSZoom in 2000. I was looking for a program to help me organize my files and cases efficiently. I found INSZoom’s software quite reasonable, very comprehensive and less expensive than other products on the market. I recommend this product to my fellow attorneys.

Paddy Sharma, Chandler B. Sharma & Associates, P.C.

I love their product and services. There are two companies of which I have been a customer for a while and that I love their product and services. One is Rhapsody, where I get all my music. The other is INSZoom.I love the software and its functionality. But I also love how responsive the customer service people are. You place a ticket and you get an immediate response. Not only that, but you guys are on top of keeping the forms up to date and, as far as I know by hearing users of other software, you put new versions ahead of most. I have never had a bad experience with y’all so I am very, very happy. Your functionality is second to none but you are at a fraction of the cost.

XergioChacin, Catholic Charities Fort Worth

I would highly recommend INSZoom to any immigration practice. I have been utilizing the INSZoom immigration software for the past ten years, when our offices first began using their software. The system itself is very user friendly for our law firm staff and our clientele. INSZoom also provides a multitude of functional options that can be tailored to suit the needs of both our firm and the varying preferences of each individual client. The client/foreign national portal feature in particular is an invaluable service providing clients with individual access to upload their documents securely and view their specific case status details as well as their specific document expiration information.

Sue Alexandrowicz, Piston & Carpenter P.C.

INSZoom was there to assist with the entire implementation process. We’ve found the team very responsive and we feel we have our values aligned together where we want to deliver a better-quality service to our clients, and they also want to deliver a better-quality product, and that’s been a good relationship.

Sebastian Zavala, Catholic Charities of the East Bay

I love the functionality.INSZoom is a great system that allows you to manage your clients and cases from start to finish. I love the functionality in the product and the case management capabilities. INSZoom provides superb customer service and training. My trainer was very helpful and patient. I recommend this software to any immigration practice, whether big or small.

Omiga C. Cape, Cape Immigration Law Group, PLLC

INSZoom – A Great Tool, Accessible Anytime, Anywhere.As a company that embraces a “follow the sun” methodology, our employees and clients need access anytime and from anywhere. INSZoom helps us deliver top-notch concierge level serviceon a daily basis.

Andrea Elliott,  Pro-Link Global