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Professional Services

INSZoom’s Professional Services team includes experts to advise you in how to manage immigration processes and systems. We’ve been working closely with immigration professionals for over a decade and have a depth of experience in immigration business management. We believe your success is our success and we’re here to help you as your business grows and expands.

User Training Services

INSZoom offers flexible, comprehensive training services, allowing users to gain the knowledge and experience required for superior results.  Our practical approach lets users learn quickly through step-by-step procedures in real-world scenarios.  INSZoom training sessions are professionally delivered by INSZoom product specialists and can be provided on-site or online.  Each training session can be customized to meet your firm or organization’s precise requirements.

Implementation Services

INSZoom’s professional services team provides a wide variety of services to help you plan and manage the successful implementation of INSZoom within your organization. While following INSZoom’s implementation methodology, our consultants assist customers with the following implementation services:

Implementation Planning:   INSZoom can customize the implementation process to meet the specific needs, timeframe and budget of your organization.  Transitioning to a new enterprise system can sometimes seem like a tremendous task.  Our experienced consultants are here to help through planning and managing the implementation process.  We work directly with your team to understand, not only what your organizational needs are today, but where you are going and how to meet your future goals.

Systems Configuration and Deployment:   INSZoom consultants help firms and organizations configure the application to support their specific business processes and operations.  Our consultants work with your team to understand your unique business processes and then configure the application to support those needs.

Process Improvement:  There is no better time to review your existing processes than during a new application implementation.  INSZoom consultants will explore how to make your existing operations more efficient based on functionality and improvements provided the INSZoom system.

Post-Implementation Services – Continued Success

To realize the full potential of your solution and ensure it grows with you, it is critical to focus on optimizing your operational effectiveness while growing your capabilities.  INSZoom can help you accomplish these goals through a range of post-implementation services designed to help you realize and increase the value from your investment, including:

Application Fine-Tuning:   INSZoom consultants will review your existing processes in conjunction with your application configuration.  Based on this analysis, our consultants will recommend improvements to the system configuration and help you implement those improvements.

Best Practices:   To produce the best results, it is critical to ensure your processes and technology are in sync.  INSZoom consultants are industry and application experts and have identified best practices through working with numerous leaders in the immigration industry.  We share this experience and knowledge to help you streamline operations and improve your bottom line.

Health Checks:  At times, it is useful to have an external review of your application to ensure it is being used to its full potential.  INSZoom consultants can help identify opportunities to drive more value out of your solution, including improving the quality of information and data, defining processes, reducing configuration and setup issues, and leveraging best practices for system use.

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