Innovation In Immigration And Global Mobility: Introducing INSZoom APIs And Crown World Mobility Integration!

Posted by: Umesh C. Vaidyamath | Date: October 9, 2020
Before COVID-19, global mobility was on the rise. More and more employees sought international assignments, and companies facilitated them, understanding that they are a great way to keep employees happy, encourage professional development, and attract new talent. And while international movement has largely come to a halt due to COVID-19, it will eventually get back into full-swing, which means that the down time we’re experiencing today is the perfect time to survey and upgrade industry technology. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing at INSZoom. On the heels of launching INSZoom’s case manager mobile app, we are incredibly excited to announce our shift toward utilizing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect our immigration case management platform with other platforms in the industry! Overall, the immigration and global mobility industry has a number of great technology platforms – from immigration case management and forms automation tools to relocation trackers and more – but they are, for the most part, separate from each other, require multiple log-ins and often even require entering the same data over and over. And that’s where APIs come in. So let’s dive briefly into what APIs are, how we believe they will positively impact our industry, and then shed some light on our very first API integration with Crown World Mobility. APIs: What are they and how do they work? Let’s start with the basics: what is an API? An API — Application Programming Interface — creates access between different applications and allows each app to share functionality or data between one another. When applied, the connection created by the API is often called an integration. Here’s an example: When you read an article on Forbes and click the “Share on Twitter” button, an API communicates with your Twitter account without you having to do anything more than click your mouse. APIs are incredibly important to developers. Rather than build something entirely from scratch, developers are able to use an API to borrow functionality from other apps. For example, vendors or service providers use Stripe, an online payments platform, to process payments safely and securely without having to build their own. With APIs, the possibilities are endless for developers, but perhaps more importantly, for the end users, enabling, say, access to multiple services at the same time through one app that connects them all and delivers the data in one place. Take personal banking as an example: if you’ve ever used the financial software Mint, you’ve experienced this firsthand. Mint connects to all your bank accounts and credit cards and, using one piece of software, Mint users can view and manage all their banking data across multiple external accounts on one interface. In the immigration industry, lawyers use case management platforms like INSZoom to manage files, draft and put together visa petitions, and communicate with clients or, in the employment immigration context, clients as well as the individuals actually moving to the US. But what happens after the visa is approved and the individual, and perhaps their family, begins their cross-border journey? The answer is: a lot. In fact, that’s when the work really begins. But this work isn’t handled by immigration lawyers, it’s handled by companies like Crown World Mobility, who help coordinate, manage and actually carry out the physical move. And guess what? Crown World Mobility has its own tech platform that tracks the very same individual that just received their visa. So doesn’t it make sense for relevant data that’s already in INSZoom to also be shared with their platform? We thought so, and so did Crown World Mobility, and thus, our API integration was born. The Crown World Mobility And INSZoom API Integration Crown World Mobility, headquartered in Hong Kong, provides household goods shipments, immigration assistance, and other move management services. Crown employs more than 4,000 people worldwide and, when it comes to immigration, is implementing INSZoom globally to manage client work permit and visa processes. Creating employee profiles manually in both the INSZoom system and Crown’s in-house HR system was tedious and time-consuming, so we partnered up and built an INSZoom integration as a way to easily capture immigration progress, status and documents for their Immigration Consultants. The integration allows Crown World Mobility to sync their employee data management platform with INSZoom, making it easy for their case managers to make immigration-related updates in INSZoom and automatically see the updates in their in-house system. Updating employee data in multiple systems is inefficient. So, with this API integration, there are no concerns about syncing important client data to INSZoom anymore. Crown has established a close working relationship with INSZoom, and now their team can more easily manage their clients and client data with greater ease and speed, and an enhanced user experience! INSZoom and the future of global mobility As the world continues to become more and more digital, APIs are going to play a powerful role in the growth of the immigration and global mobility industry. As new companies come up and existing platforms like INSZoom continue to grow, APIs will allow users and end clients to leverage the power of all these products and services without the headache of repeated data entry, hundreds of different log-ins and more. With this successful API integration, we are excited to work with more companies in the industry’s pursuit of collaboration, enhanced user experience and innovation. Want to learn more about INSZoom APIs or interested in exploring whether your company can integrate with our platform? Reach out to an INSZoom representative at or contact me directly to discuss!
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