Keep clients and their employees ENGAGED

INSZoom Managed Services can help run your customer engagement, audience development, and digital social channels meaningfully to grow your practice.

Practice-in-a-box Managed Services


As a growing law firm, we know you would want to optimize all your time and resources on core tasks that help in revenue generation, customer engagement, and case management/details.

The INSZoom Practice-in-a-box Managed Services is a unique monthly engagement, where our team of experts works in the background to migrate all your non-core tasks into our dependable shared services execution.

Whether you are a new client or an existing client, we have a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs. And you can choose to scale up or down as your business demands.

Revenue Generation
Revenue Generation

As you sign up new clients, and look to expand your business, we can help in many tasks including:

  • Create and deliver Newsletters or E-campaigns (Success Story/Updates)
  • Manage your distribution Lists 
  • Integrate INSZoom login with your website
  • Integrate multilingual capabilities
  • Embed Consultation or In-take Sheets on website
  • Create and manage Chatbot conversations on your website
Support for Paper Filing forms, Barcode forms and Online filing

Create and deliver E-campaigns, including Success Stories/Updates

Use smart automations for efficient and customizable workflows

Help clients stay on top of Visas and Document Renewals with reminders

For existing customers
For existing customers

There are many opportunities to upsell your services including: 

  • Recommend Naturalization through e-mail, voice, and text campaigns
  • Remind them about Visas and Document Renewals (EAD/GC/etc)**
  • We also manage the complete billing process—from integrating INSZoom Billing, invoicing and bill presentation, collections, and reminders
Build Engagement
Build Engagement

As you onboard new clients and applicants, ensure you provide proactive communication as they move through their immigration process. The more informed they are, they will be your champions.

Some of our services include

Foreign National Engagement

  • Improve your Customer/firm relationships and build a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Manage Blanket Petitions
  • Provide Account/Payment Status to Clients through email, call, portal, and ZooMee
  • Provide assistance for RFPs

For Corporate Clients

  • Deliver a New Company Onboarding / Employment (Welcome E-mail/ Intro to HR Portal)
  • Create New Company Employee Onboarding / Employment (Welcome E-mail/ Intro to FN Portal)
  • Provide expert Technical Support to HRs
Build Engagement
Engage early on with prospects by gathering visitor information

Improve customer/firm relationships and build a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Use smart automations for efficient and customizable workflows

Keep information updated and documents organized with our Practice-in-a-box Managed Services

Operational Efficiency

INSZoom brings over two decades of working with a wide range of attorneys, corporate clients, and multiple immigration offices around the world. We bring an industry-first Best Practices approach to help you drive better operational efficiency in your practice or corporate immigration desk.

For Attorneys and Partners, we provide:

  • Onboarding (Training, Provisioning of INSZoom App & Case Transfers)
  • Offboarding (Case Transfers, Remove Access, Back-ups)
  • Reporting of Income and New Clients

For Case Managers and Office Staff, our services include:

  • Onboarding (Training, Provisioning of INSZoom App & Case Transfers)
  • Offboarding (Case Transfers, Remove Access, Back-ups)
  • Data Entry and Data Verification
  • E-mail or Letter Templates (Including Composition of Content)
  • Updating of information according to Government Notices
  • Client documents organize by petition types
  • Questionnaires Management
  • Transfer Excel data to INSZoom

With increasing data privacy and protection laws, you can be assured that with INSZoom your client data is always secure and compliant with the latest regulations.

Our Compliance managed services include:

  • Procuring E-consent
  • Ensuring Conflict Waiver is implemented
  • Deliver branded Retainer Agreements Templates
  • Assistance GDPR / CCPA Compliance (MFA, SSO, OTP)

For Corporations, we are fully compliant with GDPR / CCPA Compliance (MFA, SSO, OTP), and provide the necessary documentation.

We also help Attorneys and Partners prepare the relevant reports for Board Certification (For CA Attys).

Engage early on with prospects by gathering visitor information

Stay compliant with the latest regulations by providing the necessary documentation

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied clients

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