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Best-In-Class Immigration Case Management for Global HR and Immigration Professionals

INSZoom’s Enterprise Edition delivers solutions beyond the standard features of a case management system. Our workflow automation tools, stakeholder engagement modules, forms for over 195+ countries, and advanced compliance modules, coupled with HRMS integrations, provide complete relationship architecture integrated with full case management functionality. You and your employees receive the benefit of information that is on-demand and immediately available.

Case Management

Our practical and robust immigration case management solution offers more features than any other product. We are, hands down, the most comprehensive global immigration solution available.

INSZoom’s immigration case management system serves your business requirement.

Templates – Use our predefined templates or create customized templates to ensure predictability, repeatability and scalability of your firm’s operations. The templates cover questionnaires, workflows, emails, cover and support letters, supporting document and checklists.

e-Filing and e-Tracking – Our unique e-filing technology, the first and most widely used, lets you e-file a range of forms directly on government websites.

Digital Documents – Use electronic management of support documents with built-in document checklist tracking to ensure constant and committed compliance.

Vendor Partner – Outsource portions of your workflow through the Vendor Partner module. Retain complete control of your data and the case management process without compromising the integrity or security of your data.

Immigration Forms and Questionnaires

The heart and soul of any immigration operation is a forms management system. With over 2,000 forms for more than 195+ countries and questionnaires to support these forms, INSZoom’s case management system gives you the tools you need to excel.

Forms – We have forms for the U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore and other countries. All our forms are updated within 24 to 48 hours of release or change for most countries. View a list of all countries supported.

Questionnaires – Questionnaires are customizable to match any case type or need, making it easy for you to process and file cases with government authorities.

View INSZoom global immigration forms.


INSZoom’s software integrates fully with leading human resource and business management software:

INSZoom’s software integrates other tools to manage practice.

HRMS – Be it SAP, PeopleSoft or any other HR system our integration modules make it simple to share information to and from these systems.

SSO – INSZoom can enable single sign on functionality for clients.Email– Integrate our software with Outlook and receive alerts for court dates, meetings, appointments, case alerts, expirations, milestones, and more directly in Outlook.

Billing Systems – Generate invoices through INSZoom’s software and send the information through our easy to use billing systems integration modules to QuickBooks or Juris.

Shipping – Generate shipment labels directly or track the status of your shipments directly through our FedEx integration or just capture the details of your shipments and ensure that no shipment goes undelivered.


Get and maintain compliance with government requirements using our built-in compliance management system. Our system enables to you adhere to compliance requirements across the globe.

LCA – Manage LCA requirements of your clients through our LCA module. eFile LCA requests with the Department of Labor, assign or reassign LCAs to a client, manage and maintain LCA usage and pull reports to track multiple aspects of LCA.

AR 11 – Our built-in address tracking system lets you know when a client moves, enabling you to file for an AR-11 change of address and ensure their compliance with up-to-date residence address requirements.

Audit Modules – A comprehensive audit trail report system ensures compliance.

Visa Check – With the increased focus of government agencies on business visas, our Visa Check Module helps you ensure your clients and employees are using the right visa to travel internationally.

INSZoom enables to adhere to compliance requirements across the globe.


Optimize your immigration team’s productivity, improve the predictability of immigration process management, and reduce the cycle time and cost for case management with our comprehensive methods to automate the immigration process.

Templates – Our predefined templates get you quickly started on the automation path. Modify these templates as you go along to suit your specific requirements.

Case Request – Create automated workflows. Define different workflows for different business units, including workflows and approvals backed by our built-in eligibility criteria to check if an individual is eligible for a particular visa type.

Work Allocation – Easily and effectively assign cases to caseworkers.

Stakeholder Engagement

Give your human resource and immigration staff, as well as prospective and current employees, access to data that are on-demand and always available. Connect with and create communications for stakeholders using cloud-based digital communication strategies:

Portals – Collaborate in real-time with Managers, HR, Employees and more through our web portals.

Our Employee web portal allows employees to upload documents directly to their case page, monitor and track the activity on their cases and always remain updated on the status of their immigration matter.

The corporation, manager, HR and recruiter portals provide stakeholders with the ability to access information, raise immigration service requests, track the progress of their immigration cases and generate data-rich reports. The portals are completely customizable for different stakeholders. You control what information you would like any of them have access to.

Vendor Partner – Outsource portions of your workflow through the Vendor Partner module. Retain complete control of your data and the case management process without compromising the integrity or security of your data.

Manage INSZoom client engagement.


INSZoom’s reporting tool is the most comprehensive system available in the industry. Our reports give you all the tools you need to track all essential information. Use data from these reports to make important decisions and effectively manage your practice.

INSZoom report allows you to track all essential information.

Built-in Reports – Our expansive set of built-in reports give you access to management reporting, expiration reporting, case status and more.

Ad-hoc Reporting – Generate a custom report in moments by defining your input and output requirements with our ad-hoc reporting functionality.

Custom Reports – Work with INSZoom’s team to develop and implement elaborate or specific custom reports to suit your needs.

Expiration Reports – Generate expiration reports to track the status of cases and potential new opportunities.

Ticklers and Alerts – Use built-in tickler and alert functionality to receive reports on a range of essential topics and deadlines.


Give your human resource and immigration staff, as well as prospective and current employees, access to data that are on-demand and always available. Connect with and create communications for stakeholders using cloud-based digital communication strategies.

Alerts and Notifications – Email out predefined alerts and reminders for case milestones, including deadlines, expiration dates, compliance requirements and meetings to all concerned.

Emails – Contact clients manually or set up automated emails for case and expiration alerts, compliance requirements and deadlines, and more.

Broadcast Messages – Send mass communications to your prospective or existing employees about important and changing immigration regulations, changes at your firm and other key updates.

Notes – Create private notes or share with clients, employees and/or partners to keep them up-to-date with changes and amendments to their cases.

Pop-up Messages – Communicate important information with your team when they are accessing or updating case information in the INSZoom software.

Contacts – Manage and maintain accurate and current data of all your contacts. Our contact address book organizes and maintains a database of contact information for all your colleagues, partners, employees, vendors and other contacts in a single, easily accessible location.

Connect and create communications using cloud-based strategies – INSZoom.

Time Management

Use INSZoom’s innovative time management solutions to schedule and track you and your colleagues’ time.

INSZoom’s innovative time management solutions.

Calendar – Our easy to use calendar integrates with Outlook and helps you set alerts for case steps, meetings, appointments, case milestones and more to help keep you on top of your schedule.

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