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Why the IIC 2017 training workshop is a must-attend?

posted by: Bhumika Shah date: Aug 28, 2017 Events, global immigration process, Immigration News comments: Comments Off on Why the IIC 2017 training workshop is a must-attend?
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The INSZoom Immigration Conference 2017 is your all-access pass to advanced learning, inspiration and structured networking. Two days of enhancing your career, connecting with your peers, exploring the changing world of immigration, and of course, having fun! All this at the largest immigration conference. Does that sound amazing? It is. What’s even more amazing? Your learning adventure begins at day-one (September 21) targeted training workshop which is a must-attend!

If your work day is all about working on visa petitions globally, interacting with attorneys and checking immigration updates for the employees of your organization, then you can’t afford to miss this training. Here’s why we think this is a must-attend:

  • The day-one workshop is an entire day of highly-targeted domain training, which is difficult to find elsewhere. This training workshop is worth every penny of your registration spend.
  • Received a RFE? Filing for a change of status? Approaching the H-1B cap? Phewww! The industry leaders will give you tips and knowledge to navigate through the complexities of immigration for the employees of your organization.
  • Immigration is all about the details and important more than ever. Details in processes, details in documents and details in every case, and these details enable every country to retain the best global talent. Lawyers and industry experts will be imparting their knowledge on comprehensive topics and these are experts who deal with immigration cases every day. This is invaluable! Outside of IIC 2017, this training would cost you a ton of $$$$.
  • Topics like global immigration trends, LCA and PERM issues for a mobile workforce, handling site visits from ICE and DOL audits and many other topics will be covered in this training workshop. All you need to do is show up with your laptop!
A training workshop that will be worth every penny, difficult to find elsewhere and will ensure that you are strengthening your immigration knowledge base. Can you say no? We’re sure you can’t! See you at the largest immigration conference – INSZoom Immigration Conference 2017.  Everything you would want to know is right here!
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Transform Your Global Immigration Process

posted by: Aruna Perumal date: May 09, 2017 Blog, Compliance, Compliance, global immigration process, Immigration News, Immigration Stories comments: Comments Off on Transform Your Global Immigration Process

Transform Your Global Immigration Process

‘457 visa change puts focus on skills’

‘Canada Streamlines Work Permit Process for Talented Skilled Foreign Workers’

‘Why the UK still needs new EU immigrants after Brexit’

What’s common in these news headlines? It’s immigration across the globe! Migrants and foreign workers have contributed 9.4% of the global GDP amounting to a total of $6.7 trillion globally making the case that immigration helps every country retain the best global talent.

However, business travel has been an issue because the amount of immigration and compliance information to keep ahead of and up-to-date is overwhelming for even the largest companies. Never-ending paperwork, decreased visibility into the expat’s immigration and compliance activities, increased number of phone calls on the status of the visa application process and meeting the work permit requirements are few of the worries that add to the global immigration process.

This cumbersome and time-consuming process can be transformed by leveraging technology that covers your organization on both the immigration and compliance fronts. That’s exactly where INSZoom’s Global Process Module has you covered with the following features:

  • Manage immigration cases for over 30 countries: The Global Process Module captures key data collection fields per case or visa type of over 30 countries which enable business immigration for enterprises and corporations.
  • Beyond visas: Compliance plays an integral role in business immigration. INSZoom’s Global Process Module does not merely consist visa details capturing capacities, it goes beyond by also capturing pre-travel and post-travel key compliance details.
  • Track expiration dates of visas and work permits: Immigration and compliance rules for every country are different and INSZoom takes care of that. Tracking expiration dates of documents with a consolidated view is exactly what INSZoom Global Process Module offers.
  • Reports, reports and reports: Need to run a report for all your organization’s expats’ visa validity dates? No problem, Global Process Module gives you the ability to run application defined reports at your fingertips!
The capacities of INSZoom Process Modules don’t end here! The module will be accompanied with additional features that are scheduled for progressive phase launches. Business immigration and compliance is a hot-button issue today and INSZoom Global Process Modules are built to comply with every need of an expat from initialization to repatriation.
date:  May 09, 2017 comments:  Comments Off on Transform Your Global Immigration Process
by:  Aruna Perumal category:  Blog, Compliance, Compliance, global immigration process, Immigration News, Immigration Stories Read More