Case Study

Why INSZOOM immigration platform was the right choice for this corporate HR’s complete case visibility and control


Global HR department


Delayed and inadequate visibility of immigration cases led this global corporation to seek a unified case management software to produce a coherent, seamless immigration experience for its global talents.


Implement INSZoom’s comprehensive immigration case management platform, which provided the visibility this corporate HR was looking for. INSZoom delivered the flexibility required in initiating or requesting a case via portals or emails.

  • Improved collaboration between HR and in-house lawyers
  • Increased foreign client loyalty
  • More secure and convenient communication
  • Established trust with HR staff members and employees

The human resources department of a global corporation was able to ensure complete visibility and flexibility to access their data, check case status, and track communication when working with in-house special attorneys, employees, and their families.


This corporation has operations across borders, giving it the advantages of accessing the best and brightest people across the globe. However, running global operations was not without challenges. Recruitment of top talents to join on-board a company also meant taking care od employees’ immigration requirements – from preparation to the filing of an application and getting a decision.

The corporate HR’s previous case management platform was their biggest nightmare when it comes to visibility and compliance. As well as performance issues, its lack of visibility into casework was visibly hurting its team and employees.

The HR department had its own immigration team on board, who took care of all the visa types for all employees. These special lawyers were often in the dark about case status and other immigration-related events that required their attention due to the lack of a unified case management software to run their practice.

Its former way of doing things presented several challenges, including:

  • Poor case visibility for stakeholders (e.g. in-house lawyers, employees, their families)
  • Hard to maintain dispersed and varying legal tech
  • High operating costs of inefficient system

This INSZoom customer wanted a dedicated immigration solution that it can leverage to create centralized visibility – alongside compliance – to help employees navigate the immigration process.


After looking around for forms and case management programs, the HR department learned that most software available in the market can help with everything else except in the creation of enterprise-wide visibility.

Dedicated immigration technology expert INSZoom, and its promising features and capabilities, proved valuable to the corporate HR. It leveraged INSZoom’s single, comprehensive immigration case management to provide in-house lawyers, employees, and their families with an in-depth dashboard to access:

Foreign applicants

Foreign applicants and their families

Foreign applicants

Filing dates

Foreign applicants

Court Notifications

Foreign applicants

Response deadlines

Foreign applicants

In-house immigration lawyer notifications

Foreign applicants

Information required

INSZoom provided the visibility into cases that HR personnel or in-house immigration team members wanted to have. These included:

  • How many visas are there?
  • Can I run a report?
  • Can I see the status? What stage?
  • Can I see each foreign national?
  • What email communication is happening between stakeholders?
  • Are the in-house lawyers getting the information they need, when they need it?
  • Are my employees meeting the SLAs or delaying it?

For foreign nationals or their family members, INSZoom delivered visibility into:

  • What are the tasks that I need to complete?
  • What information do I need to clarify? Which papers do I need to submit?
  • Are there questions I need to answer? What is the SLA that I have to meet?

Additionally, by leveraging INSZoom, the customer enabled constant sharing, collaboration, and communication between employees, in-house lawyers, and their department – all in one place.

Status Check. With INSZoom, foreign nationals did not have to go to separate mailboxes to check the status of each case. INSZoom’s unified protal eliminated the need to call in-house lawyers to get case updates.

Document Access, Anytime Anywhere. Anywhere. With INSZoom, all stakeholders were able to log in into a portal, and download and submit documents to third parties on the go. Foreign nationals were able to easily upload text files required by in-house lawyers into the portal. The special lawyers were granted access to upload documents into INSZoom as an approval notice.


After the successful deployment of INSZoom’s immigration case management system, not only HR personnel and employees were kept “in the loop” but they also stayed on top of all things immigration-related.

The HR department’s move to consolidate multiple environments into one comprehensive platform delivered:

  • Improved collaboration between HR and in-house lawyers
  • Increased foreign applicant loyalty
  • Improved, shorter execution time for visa programs
  • More secure and convenient communication
  • Established trust with HR staff members and employees

INSZoom allowed for HR administrators and staff members to see all global applications in a single portal – a major factor that contributed to the significantly improved immigration experience for its global mobility teams, foreign employees, and their dependents.

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