Case Study

How this law firm enhanced performance and efficiency with INSZOOM’s comprehensive business


U.S.-based mid-sized immigration law firm


This law firm was facing significant challenges with its reporting environment. Its biggest problem was the absence of tools to generate the reports it needed to comply with customer requests.


Leverage INSZoom’s immigration case management platform, which provided comprehensive business and client reporting capabilities.

  • Stronger relationship with internal and external clients
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased number of return customers and renewals
  • No missed deadlines

An immigration law firm has successfully fulfilled internal and external customer reporting requirements by deploying INSZoom’s immigration case management system.


This mid-sized law firm offers legal services in all areas of immigration, including family and employment-based immigration, permanent residency, naturalization and citizenship, etc.

The law firm wanted to know how its employees and business were performing individually and as a whole. However, its previous reporting environment was failing to deliver in-depth, detailed reports they needed, when they needed them.

This INSZoom customer’s top challenges were the difficulty to build client reports as needed and the failure to generate operational reports for the business – both of which were crucial in identifying opportunities for growth and expansion.

Client Reports. The law firm was constantly faced with increasing ad hoc reporting requests from external clients, including requests for SLA reports, case status, forecasts, and billing-related reports. Without a dedicated reporting tool, it was unable to monitor performance against goals, and build necessary reports.

Bunisess Reports. This INSZoom customer also needed to gain a complete picture of its organization’s progress by tracking the performance of teams, as well as individual staff members. But it did not have the capability to evaluate KPIs to demonstrate if those have been met or even exceeded.

This INSZoom customer wanted a reporting solution that it could use to easily run reports based on the organization’s and their corporate client’s reporting needs.


The law firm wanted a case management system, designed specifically for immigration practice. After searching for several vendors, most of whom do not offer business and client reporting capabilities, the organization decided to move forward and consult industry-leading immigration platform INSZoom to address its reporting challenges.

On top of our exclusivity in immigration, INSZoom’s comprehensive business and client reporting provided a solution to address challenges that were unique to the law firm. To begin the transformation journey, INSZoom identified the law firm’s need for new internal and external customer reporting and dashboard solutions.

This customer deployed our immigration case management system, and leveraged business and client reporting all within the INSZoom platform.

After a successful deployment of INSZoom’s immigration case management system, the law firm was able to easily pull business reports to include:

Employee performance metrics
  • What is my staff working on?
  • What does their workload look like?
  • Who is doing what?
  • What is the performance level or benchmark for my staff?
  • Who are my star performers?
Business-wide performance metrics
  • How many clients do we have?
  • Which client gave how many cases?
  • How many total cases did we handle? Which types?

Whenever a client requested reports, the law firm was able to quickly comply and provide in-depth, detailed reports accordingly. INSZoom client reporting covered:

SLA Reports

With INSZoom, the law firm was able to pull report data to demonstrate performance over different timeframes, case types, and other metrics, such as:

  • How many cases did I give you in a year, quarter or a week?
  • How many different types of cases?
  • How many were F1, L1, Green Cards, etc.?
  • What was the SLA, KPIs, and more?
  • What worked and what didn’t?
Case Status

The law firm leveraged INSZoom platform to view and update its clients about which stage they were on a specific case. With INSZoom, it was able to generate case status to show if it’s on the data collection stage, drafting or preparation, filing, awaiting decision, or if it has gotten a decision.


With INSZoom’s platform, the law firm was able to support its corporate clients’ business needs and build reports that included valuable figures to forecast their expenses and their projects for the future. These may include the number of employees with H1 visas approved for the next two or three years, whose visas were expiring for the next six months, and what budget was needed to prepare for their extension.


INSZoom’s single platform enabled the law firm to easily generate spending reports for its clients. It was able to quickly pull billing data on legal and USCIS fees to answer the following:

  • How many were billed?
  • What stages were billed?
  • How much was spent?
  • How much was paid at what stage?
  • How much was spent on H1B, F1, L1, etc.?

The law firm’s move to the best immigration practice strategies resulted in the following:

  • Stronger relationship with internal and external clients
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased number of return customers and renewals
  • No missed deadlines
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