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Michael Gurfinkel – Immigration’s Patron Saint Of Valentine’s Day

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Coming to the U.S. can be daunting. It can be even harder when you enter undocumented or get caught up in immigration red tape. Getting out of those types of difficult situations can become a near impossible goal. One man, Rick, ran into just that problem. Rick’s wife, Maria, had been detained by immigration authorities and had been in detention for a number of days. He became extremely worried. Rick checked with several immigration attorneys. They reviewed his wife’s case. Every attorney said the same thing: the case looked extremely complicated. Getting Maria released would be very difficult. And then Rick met Michael Gurfinkel, lead attorney at the Law Offices of Michael J. Gurfinkel, Inc. (, and a long-time client of INSZoom. Michael too felt that the case was complicated, but he said something the other attorneys didn’t. He said he felt he could get Maria released. He gave Rick hope. Further, Michael promised Rick that he would do his best so that he and his wife would be together on Valentine’s Day. Guess what happened? Michael made it happen. Rick and Maria were reunited in the U.S. on Valentine’s Day. Maria got her green card through Gurfinkel’s efforts, and is now a US citizen. It was a true immigration love story. I’m so proud of Michael and so happy to be able to call him and other excellent attorneys like him my clients. It’s love stories like this one that make me feel good this Valentine’s Day.
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The ‘New’ US Department Of State (DOS) Visa Status Check And INSZoom

posted by: INSZoom date: Feb 13, 2013 Enterprise Immigration, Innovation@INSZoom comments: Comments Off on The ‘New’ US Department Of State (DOS) Visa Status Check And INSZoom
I often read on blogs or websites about the kind of questions individuals with immigration cases under process ask for themselves or for their family members. One question that stands out is ‘What is the status of my case?‘ On hearing this I reminiscent back to the time I started my career as an immigration professional, when our mailboxes and telephone lines would be flooded with these questions. I used to think Why!!! Why can’t we have a simple way of getting this information other than having to call the USCIS and then sending the information to the employee? Just over a decade ago the Online Case Status Check was introduced by the USCIS, in October 2002. A long time has passed since, and today there is a significant difference in the customer experience while dealing with the USCIS. Today they have multiple online options like Case Status Check, My Case Status, the portal released by USCIS in April 2004 with email and SMS capability and the recent e-Request feature, to inquire or learn about processing of cases. With the Department of State introducing the Visa Status Check, they seem to be taking a leaf from the experience of the USCIS in improved customer experience, a move I strongly believed was long overdue. I am excited to be a part of the team at INSZoom, that takes another step, to continue being the forerunner in providing technology solutions by integrating with the Visa Check Status. This cool and intuitive feature will enable checking the status of the DOS Case directly from the INSZoom system. This in addition to the existing USCIS case tracking features. To learn more about this cool new feature feel free to contact our customer service representatives.
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INSZoom Blog Launches

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We have been listening to you, be it the business you want to make with us, know more about our product or learn how we can offer you best! It is just the right time we thought we connect with you, and yes, the plan goes on floor with the lauch on the INSZoom Blog. Welcome Everybody! Stay connected.  
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Building Technology For The “Obama” Immigration

posted by: INSZoom date: Feb 01, 2013 From Our CEO comments: Comments Off on Building Technology For The “Obama” Immigration
A few days ago, President Barack Obama voiced his full support for comprehensive immigration reform. The old system is “out of date and badly broken,” the president said at a high school in Las Vegas on Tuesday. A new one is needed. This status, this broken nature of U.S. immigration policy, is well known by those of us who live and breathe in the industries of immigration and global mobility. We see it every day and we plan our business strategies around this broken system. It’s a relief to hear President Obama strongly support immigration reform. In the business world, we’re ready for a fresh look at how immigration in its entirety is managed. This includes traditional work visas like the H-1B and L-1 visas, but it also includes how we manage student visas and the path to permanent residency and citizenship. Throughout history, immigrants have been the life and blood of innovation in the United States and the policies of immigration are either in the way of progress or support it. We choose to support progress and we build technology solutions whose primary goals are to support progress. For over a decade, INSZoom’s software has powered the migration of professionals, spouses, children, students, parents, artists and more from nation to nation. Our software has tracked them and made sure they stayed compliant with the laws of the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, China, India and more than 80 other countries across this world. We’ll continue to do so. We’ll continue to expand our software offerings. And we’ll continue to support legislation and policy amendments that help us all progress and innovate, now and in the future. Welcome to our new blog and our new website and, hopefully, welcome to the future of immigration reform in the U.S. We’ll be here to build the technology to support it, whatever it becomes.
Umesh Vaidyamath has more than 22 years of proven senior technology and management experience in the software industry. As Chief Executive Officer of INSZoom, Umesh drives the overall direction of the company and oversees the company’s engineering, marketing and sales divisions. Follow Umesh Vaidyamath via Facebook, Twitter and Google+
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My INSZoom

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I often get questions from friends and acquaintances who ask me what does your company and / or product do. While I would love to speak about both to them for hours on end, starting from the incorporation of the company to how and why we decided to get into this business, how we revolutionized the way this business works and what the product capabilities are. Before getting into the specifics about INSZoom and our products I ask them about their experiences on the process of their first international travel. I get answers that vary from the excellent service to harrowing tales of filling out the visa forms, following up with travel agents, living in a world of uncertainty as to when the visa would be issued etc. I assimilate their experience and start relating it to what we do at INSZoom. To captivate them I try and focus my conversation to getting them intrigued by the world-class solution that we provide to our customers and how it could have made their excellent or harrowing experience into a Delightful one. I break down my conversation and cover our capabilities of the product, in the areas of, Workflow & Automation, Immigration processing capability (forms, questionnaires etc.) and our Case Management tracking capability. By the time I finish, I see some of them are awestruck on learning about the spread of our product capabilities. The comment that they have to make is why does my organization not adopt your product. Hearing this my chest swells with pride and puts a big smile on my face. Anuj
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