Your best immigration buddy.
In-office or while you work from home!

Let Zoomee scan, read, and upload your government notices for you.

Accelerate Efficiency and Accuracy


Our vision has always been to help Immigration Practices embrace best-of-breed technologies that help Attorneys and Paralegals focus on business and client engagement, while the platform works elegantly in the background.

The INSZoom bot, Zoomee, is an industry-first intelligent bot that drives automation into many business processes to create more time for your office.


Introducing INSZoom’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant
Bot powered by RPA, AI and ML skills!

What is Zoomee?

  • An intelligent process automation bot for immigration teams
  • The very first virtual assistant of the immigration industry
  • A bot trained on specific immigration skills, processes and INSZoom application


No more overworked

No more overworked Paralegals or Legal Assistants because Zoomee takes care of tedious and mundane administrative processes.

No more data errors

No more data errors and increased efficiency for your staff. Remember, Zoomee never sleeps and is hard at work while you take care of bigger decisions.

ZOOMEE learns along

ZOOMEE learns along the way. So, the more it works, the more skills and rules it picks up.


Read & Update Government

Read & Update Government Receipt Notices

Scan & Upload

When you receive a receipt notice in mail, scan & upload in Zoomee folder


Zoomee reads the notice


Zoomee identifies and updates corresponding foreign national’s profile and/or case in INSZoom

Automate H-1B

Automate H-1B registration process with Zoomee

Zoomee receives your data in a standardized Excel format

We provide the format, you populate the data.

Zoomee updates data in INSZoom

Creating a corporation and entering relevant petitioner information if it’s not in the INSZoom system already, and Creating the FN record under the corporation’s profile and entering relevant FN data.

Zoomee logs in to myUSCIS

Zoomee does need a bit of your help here to complete multi-factor authentication for the first login attempt, so be sure that a lawyer or case manager will be available if there are login issues.

Zoomee then follows the registration process

Creates profiles for your FN registrants and enters the data you gave it

Bulk Prepare H-1B Cases

Bulk Prepare H-1B Cases

What does the process look like with different receipts?

Automate workflows
Automate workflows in enterprise
  • Read the receipts and upload accurate data to each case document in your account
  • Update the case status, send approval notices to the law firm as well as clients
  • Set EAD, passport, I-94 validity, and expiry reminders
  • Automate workflows in enterprise
  • Identify court dates, appointments, and interview dates to set up calendars and email alerts
  • Ensure all fields in an application are filled, so your reports are accurate
  • Automate reporting on your schedule
Automate workflows in enterprise
Automate reporting on schedule

Automate reporting on schedule

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied clients

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