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Data Security

INSZoom guarantees the highest level of security for all our clients’ data. We utilize the latest in technology and security to protect your data and ensure it is never compromised. We continue to invest in technology and stay ahead of the curve to provide industry-leading security measures to protect against viruses, worms and hackers. We partner with leading technology vendors, including Cisco Systems, Check Point, Network Associates and Verio, to give you access to the best of the industry in security and data management. With INSZoom, your data is always secure.

Server Security

All INSZoom data and servers are located in the United States. All our data communications are transmitted through Verisign’s 256-bit encryption technology. Our network and servers are protected by Cisco Networks PIX-Firewall, Check Point intrusion detection, software firewall and antivirus software. Information is only made available to authorized users. Servers and data storage are hosted with Verio in an environment with 24×7 security and video surveillance monitored by security guards and protected by biometric hand scan entry systems and a mantrap controlled entrance/exit.Our military level secure data centers include:

  • Redundant uninterruptible power supplies
  • Multiple redundant back-up generators
  • Fire suppression
  • Raised floors
  • HVAC
  • Separate cooling zones
  • Humidity control
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Data backup and availability

Data Backup

All your data are backed up every 15 minutes in three separate geographical locations in the U.S., ensuring your data can be quickly and efficiently recovered immediately in the event of a disaster at one of the locations. We perform data management within a Server Farm environment with standby servers; this guarantees 24 x 7, round the clock uptime and availability of service.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001:2005 is the leading international standards for measuring information and Net security management systems. BSI’s audit of INSZoom’s security and quality management system measures includes analysis of the company’s management control, operating procedures, personnel, physical security, data transmission, infrastructure, vendors, systems maintenance, metrics and measurements, e-governance, BCP and Disaster recovery strategies, statutory and legal compliance and continuous improvements, through regular reviews and audits. This detailed process has strengthened set of standards for internal information and Net security management and company-wide processes for protecting information assets. Employees throughout the company’s worldwide offices have enhanced vision on the security awareness with client data integrity placed at the highest premium company-wide.

WEB Application Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

INSZoom Case Management products cater to leading immigration firms and global corporations. The primary users of INSZoom are in United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom with new folks accessing the system every day. Needless to say, this demands a very high level of data privacy and data security. The need is triggered due to frequently changing VISA rules, guidelines, directives, forms, from various country consulates. This necessities revisits to product architecture, design and in-built functionalities on various modules.

These changes do trigger disconnects in inherited product security features, in the LIVE production environment, which have to be bridged in time, to meet country wise compliance issues, and build in suitable preventive measures in time to avoid any legal hassles to attorneys and our corporate clients. This is also necessary to prevent rework and the COST OF QUALITY.

INSZoom has selected the BIG 4, security specialist KPMG, who carry out half yearly review assessment of our Global product. The risk report is delivered to INSZoom management, at the end of the assessment and INSZoom closes all the findings and we get a clean chit, on product security measurements.

INSZoom’s most recent KPMG security assessment was successfully completed on September 23, 2016.

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